River Fishing

The Hautes-Pyrénées offers a multitude of lakes, torrents and rivers in which all trout fishing techniques can be practiced. Thus, your fly fishing or Tenkara guide will take you to:

Le Neste à St Laurent de Neste

La Neste

I know this river by heart as it’s my favorite one. From its source in the Upper Aure Valley to its confluence with the Garonne. The Pyrenees floods in 2013 have, in places, profoundly modified its profile with clogged water streaks and very marked landing zones. But nature quickly regains its rights because some protected areas have served as shelters for really beautiful fish!

The no-kill of Saint-Lary, Arreau and Lortet are essential fly fishing places when you come to the Neste. However, there are also secret “spots” that I will be happy to show you.

The Arros

Located in the small Amazon of the Pyrenees, Arros is a very interesting river to fish. Its great advantage is that it is not subject to the snow melting; only large thunderstorms can cause differences in flow rates. I practice it in the spring when, everywhere else, the levels are too high. The route upstream from the Escaladieu Abbey is chargeable (day pass) and is managed by heritage.

Its very clear waters and its crowded borders require a “sioux” approach, permanent attention and a good knowledge of the gestures.
You must deserve the best spots!

L’Arros, où la petite Amazonie
En amont de l’Escaladieu
Partie basse au Nord de Tarbes

The Adour

The Adour is a very fast torrential river which is perfect for nymph fishing. To practice dry fishing, there is no need for a long line, better even to have a short line! From its sources in the Campan valley to its estuary, the Adour river will delight all fly fishermen. From Maubourguet, fishing for pike in streamer and in tube flow guarantees an unforgettable moment.

The Gave de Pau

Mythical Gave de Pau … Tumultuous, capricious, impetuous … and so much more. Offering great beaches, it can be magical at night but also very cruel. I like dry fishing there at night.

Up in the mountains

These mountain streams are great for fly fishing but also, and especially for Tenkara. Very rich in brown trout, they are easily dry-fished. There are many catches for the beginners, who can also take profit of the fantastic view of the mountains. Marmots, raptors (griffon vultures, lammergeyer, etc.) but also grazing herds are the couple of emblematic specimens that will accompany us all day long.

The adour de payolle

At the foot of the legendary Col d’Aspin, the Adour de Parole draws its course among a magnificent mountain landscape. Farios trout and Fountain salmon are very active here during the summer. Fly fishing and tenkara are king.


It’s one of my favorite summer no-kills when it’s hot. In the Luz gorges and the Pyrenees National Park, this route offers various profiles. Sight fishing is required in beams or at the head of the current. Thanks to its clear water, you can see the fish before catching it. It could happen to fish at the same time as you can see bungee jumpers, which doesn’t disturb the fish and makes the fishing even more fun.

No-kill limite amont
Saut à l’élastique au pont Napoléon

The GAVE of marcadau

In the heart of the Pyrenees National Park, the landscape is just magical. At the start of major Pyrenean races, the Gave of Mercadau offers a multitude of fishing stations: Slow, fast current, rafts and smooth.
It is mainly used in summer with dry flies. The fish are still active there this season and the sensations are always there. It’s the perfect place to practice Tenkara.
You must be sure to have waders in the backpack. We need a 35-minute walk to get there, and as the sun is strong, you’ll need sun glasses, cap and water!

Le Gave d'Estaubé

Neighbor of the Cirque de Gavarnie, the Gave d’Estaubé offers a variety of profiles. It is practiced in dry by quickly prospecting all positions. As in the Gave de Marcadau, the trout feed themselves all the time and the dips are fast. It happens pretty often to see isards and a multitude of raptors. A guaranteed mountain atmosphere in the heart of the Pyrenees National Park!

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