Who I am

Born Bigourdan, I discovered fishing like most of us, very young with my grandparents and my father. When I was a teenager, I went alone on my motorbike and I discovered, by chance, the trout fishing. Since that day, this fish has captivated me and I have a real passion for it

"Fishing counts, not the fish"

Passionate fishing guide

Fly fishing

After having fished with natural bait toc for a long time, I became interested in fly fishing in the early 90’s. The beginnings were laborious because internet did not exist and the literature was quite poor. So it was while meeting others and training in my garden that my technique got better and now I scour different rivers and mountain lakes in search of “lady fario”.

My involvement in the fishing community

In the mid-90’s, an important encounter in my fishing life made me realize that the environment in which I practice my favorite activity is sensitive and threatened. I then decided to get actively involved in the AAPPMA to which I subscribed and I then discovered the management of fishing in France. Electric fishing, fish farming, cleaning of rivers, creation of no-kill courses and swearing-in of the Fishing Guard were very rewarding experiences that still feed my passion.

Fishing guide

In 2014 I graduated as a fishing instructor / guide and I am happy to be able to pass on my passion. Through it, I also discover a territory and its history. Like Jim Harrison, I think it is important to “take advantage of the present time and space”. Today, I do not live mainly from my passion as I am a craftsman in refurbishment. Stone, wood and lime are the materials I use every day to give a new life to old buildings. Being on my own, I am free to practice my passion and share it with you at any time.

My favorite fishing novelists

Jim HARRISON, Thomas McGuane, John GIERACH, William G. TAPPLY et Roderick HAIG-BROWN.

Fishing videos in Hautes-Pyrénées

Dry fishing on the Neste

Dry fishing on the Gave de Marcadau

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